Jujitsu Quebec

We had the priviledge of being invited by Adrien Breton, as his school officially joins de ranks of TMA Canada!

Receiving as japanese saber as a gift, the official logo of TMA Canada was also unveiled. In addition, Isabelle Lapointe, Parliamentary Assistant in Ottawa, also offered an official flag of Canada.

Pictures of the event are available in the Photos/Videos tab

TMA Canada invites you to it’s first official seminar!

December 1st, 2019, TMA Canada invites you to its first seminar, in Saint-Basile-le-Grand. Many instructors that are implicated in the developments of the federation will be present to share their martial knowledge, including members of the administrative council and none other than Valérie Létourneau, UFC and Bellator fighter, for an exclusive seminar.

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You can also buy tickets to the event directly here.