A revolution in martial arts federations!

Born from the passion of numerous martial arts instructors that wished to bring together all like minded martial arts practitioners, Traditional Martial Arts Canada is open and all inclusive. Our desire is to stay away from biases or politics and appropriate mechanisms to are in place to ensure that any form of favoritism occurs. If you are looking to join a group that will accept you with open arms, no matter your status, rank, style or reputation, you will be welcomed in our group!

There is big news are coming our way, so stay tuned! Having only barely taken off, we count already almost 1000 members in 16 different schools, without the use of any publicity, shows that there was indeed a need and demand for an organization like ours, to offer an alternative to political or greedy federations!

Various committees, ranging from ethical to LBGT, native, competitive, technical, and many more, are in place. These will ensure that your needs will be met and offer a platform to share knowledge through respect and passion within the martial arts.